Our Mission

Liquid Limbs mission is to redefine mobility and to help people approach their lives from a position of confidence, independence, and overall wellness

We strive to continuously improve the wellbeing of our society, and to promote equality, inclusivity, and wellness, especially for people with disabilities.

We are focused on solving prevalent mobility challenges that people with limb loss face daily. By developing and manufacturing innovative prosthetic devices and mobility aids, we are meeting our goals to improve our clients’ accessibility, independence, comfort, and overall quality of life.

Our Logo Encompasses Our Mission!

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The Trident

The centerpiece of our logo features prominent aspects of our flagship product, The Navigator, combined with the ancient symbol of a Trident. We don’t think of our products as “replacements for crutches”, instead, our products are Tridents (the trident is the weapon of the God of the Sea and other marine divinities in classical mythology). In other words, our products are tools that a god would use, empowering their users to redefine their own mobility and redefine the way they live their lives.

The Octopus Limb

The Octopus Limb represents agility and versatility, symbolizing our ability to overcome challenging situations with creativity and intelligence. In the same way that many Octopi regenerate their limbs, we are providing new opportunities for our customers to accomplish the biggest aspirations in their lives.


Water is symbolic of purity, life, motion, renewal, and transformation. It is at the core of Liquid Limbs, it is something we all need and deserve to enjoy, and its use in our logo demonstrates up front how our products can be used in this environment without fear.


We chose the colors purple, blue, black, and white to represent our brand. Purple is often associated with royalty, and in the same way our products are like tridents, our users will rule their domains as Kings and Queens with our products in hand. The color blue represents water and is associated with freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. These are all elements that correspond deeply with Liquid Limbs! Black and white are the absolutes that encompass the full range of diversity our company serves!

Our Mission

The way the Octopus Limb wraps around the Trident is reminiscent of the caduceus symbol (a snake wrapping around a rod also known as the Rod of Asclepius) which is often regarded as the “emblem of medicine”. While our brand is unique in every way, breaking the mold of what is possible and redefining mobility, this correlation acts as a reminder that we are first and foremost on a mission to provide a medical benefit regarding mobility, and in doing so are providing the highest degree of professional healthcare!

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